Lucas Amaro


A list of Book Lists:

  1. 100 or so BOOKS that shaped a CENTURY of science by Philip and Phylis Morrison, in American Scientist, 1999. Alternative links: JSTOR, Larry Schwartz’s website

  2. Alan Kay’s recommended Reading List (archive)

  3. Alan Kay’s answer to the question “What book(s) would you recommend to a computer science student?” on Quora (archive)

  4. Keith Rabois’ book recommendations on History of Silicon Valley, Advice for Entrepreneurs, and General Greatness (archive)

  5. Charlie Munger’s book recommendations – a compilation with 39 books (archive)

  6. Kevin Simler’s All Time Most Influential (to him) books (archive). Scroll down to reach the all-time list

  7. Cosma Shalizi’s Notebooks, which are creatures of their own. See, for instance: Math I Ought to Learn, Statistics, Recommender Systems and Collaborative Filtering, Physical Principles and Biology, Algorithmic Information Theory

  8. Tren Griffin’s 25 book recommendations (archive)

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